• Cooling Modules
  • AC Fans
  • DC Fans
  • Blower Fans
  • Passive Cooling Solutions
  • Heat Sinks
  • Dual AC Voltage Fans
  • Rack-Mount Fans
  • Fan Tray Assemblies
  • Micro Miniature Fans
  • Power Motor Blower Fans
  • Maglev Fans


Thermacore leads the industry in the design, development, and manufacture of custom thermal management solutions.

  • Embedded Heat Pipes
  • Heat Pipes
  • Cold Pipes
  • Vacuum-Brazed Cold Plates
  • Liquid Cooling
  • Heat Exchangers

Sunon is a global manufacturer specializing in the design and development of electronic cooling.

Cooling Solutions

  • Flexible Heat Pipes
  • Loop Heat Pipes
  • Mold Cooling